Why I continue to be a MoB member-
Because not everyone understands that a head butt is a form of love
Because not everyone understands that when you sit on the toilet, you most likely will sit on pee
Because not everyone understands that weekends are for spectating sports for endless hours while doing the mental puzzle of how to get every son to his activities
Because not everyone understands that fart humor really is funny
Because not everyone understands that endless energy is not ADHD
Because not everyone understands that driving with the window open is the only saving grace for the smell of stinky feet in your car
Because not everyone knows that being a referee is a part of parenting and decreases E.R. visits
Most importantly because not everyone knows that nothing in the world is better than hugging a sweet, delicious, rambunctious, tangy, sweaty boy for a few seconds before he wiggles away and continues to grow up faster than you ever thought possible.
— Hallie Rand

Dedicated to raising
amazing men.

There’s nothing like them.
Boys that is. No one hugs more deliciously. Laughs more ferociously. Or steals our hearts more completely.

But when you have three or more of them, you are the mother of a brotherhood, and that’s where MoB comes in.

Created by mothers like you, MoB is an organization designed to provide educational, emotional and social support for other like-minded mothers who all are outnumbered but won’t be outdone.

So if you believe, like us, that three is not a crowd it’s a party, join us. We’re here to help you raise your crew of brilliant and wild creatures to be the best men they can be.