MOB Home image 20.15.18
The MoB is so resourceful for me because
(a) I genuinely love and respect so many of the ladies and
(b) I’ve learned so much from the speakers about stuff that directly applies to my boys and
(c) I get so much great advice from the other women there that have older boys who have just taken the path that I’m on now.
The MoB is such a great concept, community and fun
— Hallie Rand

Dedicated to Raising
Amazing Men

Mothers of Boys is an organization that brings mothers together to support and educate you on raising your boys. But it’s not always about just the boys, MOB is an outlet for YOU to meet women who will share their insights on this crazy life with boys. You will never be alone in this journey again!

Our membership focuses specifically on mothers who have 3 or more boys and no girls. It makes us a special breed of moms in a household of all Boys! All of us at MoB are looking for insights and a shared conversation about a subject we think about and live everyday. Our sons! Together, we’ll not only learn how to be the best Mothers of Boys on the planet, but do it together, with other like-minded moms who are as in need of laughter as they are information.

What’s more, we don’t just plan events that are fabulously social, we also invite some of the leading experts in the country on helping us raise our sons into amazing men. If you find yourself up to your ears in boys, then we invite you to join us. Try it once, and you’ll wish you’d known about us sooner. And that’s no joke!