Coffee Talk with Heather Mulvihill: Life as a Mother of Boys!~ March 2017

As a Mom of three or more boys our lives are filled with so many different emotions. In one day we can experience loneliness, joyfulness, depression, sheer excitement, chaotic stress, warm tender love and belly laughter. And sometimes we are terrified and question if we are raising these boys the right way.   We began to unveiled our true feelings on being a Mom to Boys at our last event.  

Heather Mulvihill lead a discussion about the unique Mother~Son relationship. The relationship with your each boys is very different.  There is no perfect relationship and what works for one might not work for another. What is universal is the need for a bond between a mother and son. Listening with an open heart, accepting our children's uniqueness, learning to separate personhood from behavior and reminding them that they are loved unconditionally will serve them well as they become men.

Every family has its own unique system but some conditions are know to increase stress on mothers.  Being a single parent, having young children, having a child with medical, behavioral or emotional problems all increase stress. We know that stress is contagious in a family system and this can become a vicious cycle.There are many ways we can help ourselves reduce stress such as avoiding social media,not holding ourselves to unrealistic standards and forming strong social connections. We are relational beings, wired to connect and be in relationships with others.

SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS are nurturing and stress reducing!

We talked about many triggers and difficulties that we face daily. The room was filled with support that was based on the sheer common denominator that we are all raising at least 3 boys and that in itself can have hard days.

The entire recap of this event will be posted on our Private FB group and will be in a MoB mailer to members.


Heather has an MS in psychology and an MA in counseling psych.  She is trained in trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and is certified Gestalt psychotherapy.  She works as a mental health consultant to help families and individuals understand their options and connect them with appropriate clinicians or programs.  She also presents to groups or organizations on an array of topics such as, suicide, depression, childhood and adolescence.  She is certified in QPR training and present suicide prevention workshops to train individuals who are not mental health professionals to recognize the warning signs of a suicidal crisis and learn skills for appropriate intervention.  She currently serves as the Chairman of the Board at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado's Anshutz Medical Campus.