Beyond Mama Bear: Surviving the Balancing Act of Parenting Teenage Boys!- September 2017

We had a wonderful interactive conversation with author Lisa Lane Filholm about how to survive the balancing act of parenting teenage boys.  Lisa shared tips and tools to use immediately and gas us hope for our sometimes frazzled families! 

Lisa believes that parents of teenagers need new role models. For example, when our cubs are young, Mama Bear is a fine example: strong, smart, sassy, sure of herself.  When our kids turn into adolescents, we become dangerous role models. When puberty hits and life turns into a three-ring circus, we get overwhelmed, scared, frustrated and  Mama Bear hibernates. In other words, Mama Bear goes to sleep on the job. Parents do the same: we tend to check out (because teenagers are awful and we're exhausted), leaving our kids vulnerable on their rocky journey toward adulthood. Does this all sound familiar?

The evening was fun and enlightening with women sharing their struggles and ideas to parent through the difficult times.  Lisa's book "Beyond Mama Bear; Surviving the Balancing Act of Preempting Teenage Boys" can be bought on amazon.  It is a GREAT resource and also a great gift for our girlfriend who might have some struggles with her kids. 


  1. KNOW - Do I know what's really going on?
  2. PROTECT - Must I protect my child from real and present danger?
  3. HONOR - Can I honor my teenager's unique journey toward adulthood?

The most important take way from the evening is that you are not alone in raising all your boys. We have each other and the MoB has resources available for you if you need anything.  We are here or you, Sandi and Eileen