Feng Shui for Your Home, Yourself and Your Family


Nicolette Vatjay, Feng Shui Expert with Inspired Living Feng Shui, delivered a very special night for The MoB!  It was an enlightening night that gave us ways to change the way our  family feels in our homes.


What is Feng Shui?  

Arranging your environment so that energy or "chi" flows gently and smoothly through your home. In this way your home just feels good-and supports what you want out of life -whether it's a better career, new romance, improved health or more income.


Nicolette worked from MoB members 1st floor home plans to give us concrete ways to help  our children, husbands and moms sleep better and to create more positive energy in our home!

The position of beds in your home can dictate how you sleep. The beds should always face the entry door or there are specific Feng Shui things you can do to improve the way your family will sleep.  There are  colors you can choose for certain areas of your home that will create positive chi or energy.  Feng Shui looks at your home as a grid based from your front door.  Your home has these energy areas working right now.  If you would like to learn what areas of your home coordinate with the Feng Shui philosophy, then contact Nicolette!  You will be amazed at how this can change so many aspects of your life, whether its your marriage, work, family or health...

Yes, this is a little confusing, but Nicolette has a very simple way of making this easy to understand.

The Bagua Color Chart:


Wealth:Purple/Red                     Fame/Reputation: Red                Relationship:Pink

Wood: Green                               Fire: Red                                       Earth: Yellow/Brown

Water: Blue/Black                       Wood: Green                                Fire: Red


Family: Green                            Health: Yellow                               Creativity & Children: White

Wood: Green                             Earth: Yellow/Brown                     Metal: White/Gray

Water: Blue/Black                      Fire: Red                                        Earth: Yellow/Brown


Knowledge: Blue                      Career: Black                                 Helpful People & Travel

Earth: Yellow/Brown                 Water: Blue                                   Metal: White/Gray

Fire: Red                                    Metal: White/Gray                         Earth: Yellow/Brown


The architectural designs of the house, and the placement of our loved decor will either create a positive, uplifting energy in your space. or create a home that depletes your energy and may leave you feeling agitated, stressed and sometimes even poor.

A little bit of Feng Shui knowledge is an abundance of love and support so you can live with less stress and more passion!  Nicolette taught each MoBster how to make small changes in our homes right away that will help support better living conditions.

If you think of Feng Shui as acupuncture for the home, you will know, that when you clear away the blocks and get the chi flowing again, healthy living rises to the surface. 

Nicolette's website has more details and insight into the process. Please contact her, as she  would love to hear from you.