Happiness and Stress: Change Your Mindset - February 2016

MoBster's heard Marianne Neifert, MD, MTS (a.k.a., "Dr. MoM") speak about how families can reduce stress and enhance their sense of well-being, even in tough times. Dr. Mom talked about life-changing principles that promote positive emotions, optimism and life-balance.  MoBster's learned how to experience authentic happiness by using personal signature strengths and core virtues in as many life areas as possible, and in service to a noble purpose larger than ourselves.

A few of the things MoBster's learned from Dr. Mom:

  • Discovered why cultivating an "attitude of gratitude" is linked to greater happiness and fulfillment.
  • identifying and Incorporating happiness-boosting insights, attitudes, and practices into daily routines, reduce stress, generate positive energy, and stay engaged with life.
  • See how personal examples of optimism and satisfaction can serve as a healthy model for our children and others. 

Dr. Neifert is a mother of five adult children and grandmother of seven.  She is a clinical professor of pediatrics at University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, and has authored five child rearing books and hundreds of magazine articles on children's health and behavior.