Love Yourself Workshop-"Find Your Inner Strength"- February 2017


It's NOT a workOUT but a workIN!

This was a  time to focus on Ourselves and Loving who We are and what We do!  This was a time to give YOURSELF a gift!  A gift of peacefulness and clarity!   The MoB created a special workshop to focus on YOURSELF and the Strength that you have to raise boys!

We are all on this journey of raising boys together.  Most of the time we are racing around taking care of everyone else that we don't give ourselves the time to clear our mind and recharge.  We are all strong and brave but don't necessarily use these traits to help us through the day.  Learn to embrace this and use these characteristics to guide you through your daily challenges of holding down the fort and bringing the family together!  

Our friend and Yogi, Bine Trujillo,  guided us to a place that reset us for the rest of the day.  We learned how to go to a place for more positivity and strength to get us through challenging times.  There are many ways to get to this special place:  finding your inner peace,  meditation, yoga, breathing practices and even a quiet space.  On this day, Bine took us through a special journey and concluded with peaceful mediation.  Each of us were given a handmade beautiful pink stone with "LOVE" etched in it to remind us to love ourselves and each other!