Breaching the Barrier: How to Navigate A Comfortable Conversation with your Son about the birds, bees and everything in between!

SEX is not an easy topic for parents to talk about with their kids, but Auburn Meisner, licensed social worker and sex therapist made this topic a bit easier for us!  With a bit of humor and solid facts we started a much needed conversation between just the Moms.  We just scratched the surface with this complicated and heated subject. 

More details to come stay posted!

A few of the topics that Auburn presented to The MoB:

  • Sexual development in boys from 2 years old through their teenage years.
  • Current statistics on the sexual activity and boys.
  • How technology has changed the way boys relate to themselves and others sexually and emotionally and what the implications these changes have on boys.
  • How mothers can effectively and confidently navigate the ever changing technological landscape in order to relate, connect and influence their sons to develop healthy, fulfilling sexual identities.
  • How mothers can have age age-appropriate and comfortable conversations with their boys.