MoB Event with Janie Porter

The MoB flew, Janie Porter,  all the way from Florida! to come speak to MoBsters!  Janie was a prestigious tv news reporter for 8 years, but is now a stay at home mom to her beautiful 3 boys!!!  Janie has created her own site called, where she shares how small choices helped her lose 25lbs and empowers readers to find their inner glow through food, fitness and believing their worth it!  

Janie shared hilarious stories from her world of mothering 3 boys, all of them 5 years old and under, through a lens of joy, gratitude and authenticity.   She showed us her favorite ways to feel put together, even if she only has 5 minutes to get ready, and her favorite way to keep up the household, even with limited time and attention.  Janie took us through how she began "owning" her mothering , rather than letting others define her.  How she stopped allowing comparison to rob the joy from her motherhood and how she's self-taught in the art of taking care of herself, even if it's just a 5 minute home manicure!   These few hours made us realize we are not alone and that a few simple changes can help ease our everyday stress and increase our happiness!  We always feel very connected when MoBsters share their thoughts, ideas and everyday real life situations with our boys.  When Janie read her blog entry, "Dear Depressed Moms You are Not Alone", hit home with everyone  and actually only scratched the surface with our members!