Sex! It's not just for the Boys!!! February 2015

Dr. Dianne Stone spoke toThe MoB about personal and sensitive topics that pertain especially to mothers of multiple children in a fun and lighthearted atmosphere!  Lots of discussion on Menopause, what's it about, when will it happen and what can I do to prepare or help myself?  Dr. Stone dove right into "Sex" or lack of Sex in Mothers of 3 or more boys very busy lives!  There are lots of resources for all of the topics discussed.  If you have questions or need some advice, contact Dr. Dianne Stone at 


Top 5 Tips For a Sensational Sex Life

Top 5 Tips for a Sensational Sex Life.jpg



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WEBSITES (website for the Apex Pelvic Floor Stimulator) (website for the Intensity Pelvic Floor Stimulator) (not currently available but worth checking out)


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