Strengthen Your Relationship, Nurture Your Boys-February 2014

 Joanie S. Pinhas, Ph.d., Clinical Psychologist and Marriage Therapist talked to The MoB about our relationships and how it affects our boys!   Some of the questions Dr. Pinhas brought up to the group were:
When your son brings home the love of his life, what kind of husband do you want him to be? 
Knowing that our sons often model the behaviors that they see at home, we, as mothers, must ask ourselves if what they are seeing in our relationship/marriage is preparing them to be great husbands and fathers.  
Is your relationship providing the model that you want your sons to have?

Relationships need care and cultivation.  Are you teaching your sons to be good listeners and communicators? 
How well do your sons respectfully resolve conflicts?  
We can set the right tone for our boys so they can learn to function with empathy, respect and compassion in their relationships.  
Dr. Joanie Pinhas showed us how to develop and improve the strengths in our relationship by avoiding harmful patterns.