Beyond Mama Bear: Surviving the Balancing Act of Parenting Teenage Boys!- September 2017

We had a wonderful interactive conversation with author Lisa Lane Filholm about how to survive the balancing act of parenting teenage boys.  Lisa shared tips and tools to use immediately and gas us hope for our sometimes frazzled families! 

Lisa believes that parents of teenagers need new role models. For example, when our cubs are young, Mama Bear is a fine example: strong, smart, sassy, sure of herself.  When our kids turn into adolescents, we become dangerous role models. When puberty hits and life turns into a three-ring circus, we get overwhelmed, scared, frustrated and  Mama Bear hibernates. In other words, Mama Bear goes to sleep on the job. Parents do the same: we tend to check out (because teenagers are awful and we're exhausted), leaving our kids vulnerable on their rocky journey toward adulthood. Does this all sound familiar?

The evening was fun and enlightening with women sharing their struggles and ideas to parent through the difficult times.  Lisa's book "Beyond Mama Bear; Surviving the Balancing Act of Preempting Teenage Boys" can be bought on amazon.  It is a GREAT resource and also a great gift for our girlfriend who might have some struggles with her kids. 


  1. KNOW - Do I know what's really going on?
  2. PROTECT - Must I protect my child from real and present danger?
  3. HONOR - Can I honor my teenager's unique journey toward adulthood?

The most important take way from the evening is that you are not alone in raising all your boys. We have each other and the MoB has resources available for you if you need anything.  We are here or you, Sandi and Eileen



How to Live From Your Strengths & Lead Your Family Into Theirs


Lisa Foster, founder of ParillumeTM, shared how the Enneagram can be integrated to yield concrete, daily strategies to achieve healthy personal expression, meaningful contribution, and great relationships.  This system provides you and your sons with specific practices and techniques to leverage these insights so you can help each other shine your brightest.

Each MoB member completed the Enneagram Test so they understood which of the 9 personality descriptions best fit them. Lisa described each of the 9 Enneagram traits, and taught us what each type looked like when we are our best self and when we are not our best self. Lisa explained how we parent according to our Enneagram type. As a group we tried to find where our boys fit into the spectrum. This tool is amazing and will relieve much stress and create better communication on our boys households. 


Thank you Bottle Shop33 for the yummy red and white wine and and Jack's Uptown Grill for the delicious Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad and Pulled Pork Sandwiches. What a treat!

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HERE is a link to Lisa Foster's amazing SHINE FROM YOUR ORIGINAL DESIGN program and a more detailed Enneagram Questionnaire, Myers Briggs and StrengthsFinder questionnaires.

Check it all out:


We each have an original design, a unique combination of strengths, cognitive functions and personality traits.  When understood and applied, unlocks solutions in our lives, transforming problems into challenges and apparent flaws into opportunities.  

Imagine if, as a child or teen, that you had insight into your own core strengths, your cognitive functions and filters, your unique personality and drives. 

Imagine that, as a parent  you could deeply grasp your own and your children’s defining perspectives, fears, and dreams. 

Imagine that you and your sons shared an understanding of your inner worlds that provided a clear, positive path to healthy engagement and development as individuals and as a loving family.

Lisa has educated and trained teens, parents, couples, and teams , and her own son, on how to shine in their original designs.                                                                                                                 

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

Parillume empowers those who have experienced sexual violation to continue past the survivor stage and heroically reclaim the treasure of their true selves shining in the world without shame. The Shine From Your Original Design program was developed as part of this empowerment process, and has evolved to help anyone, anywhere, shine brighter in their lives.

Coffee Talk with Heather Mulvihill: Life as a Mother of Boys!~ March 2017

As a Mom of three or more boys our lives are filled with so many different emotions. In one day we can experience loneliness, joyfulness, depression, sheer excitement, chaotic stress, warm tender love and belly laughter. And sometimes we are terrified and question if we are raising these boys the right way.   We began to unveiled our true feelings on being a Mom to Boys at our last event.  

Heather Mulvihill lead a discussion about the unique Mother~Son relationship. The relationship with your each boys is very different.  There is no perfect relationship and what works for one might not work for another. What is universal is the need for a bond between a mother and son. Listening with an open heart, accepting our children's uniqueness, learning to separate personhood from behavior and reminding them that they are loved unconditionally will serve them well as they become men.

Every family has its own unique system but some conditions are know to increase stress on mothers.  Being a single parent, having young children, having a child with medical, behavioral or emotional problems all increase stress. We know that stress is contagious in a family system and this can become a vicious cycle.There are many ways we can help ourselves reduce stress such as avoiding social media,not holding ourselves to unrealistic standards and forming strong social connections. We are relational beings, wired to connect and be in relationships with others.

SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS are nurturing and stress reducing!

We talked about many triggers and difficulties that we face daily. The room was filled with support that was based on the sheer common denominator that we are all raising at least 3 boys and that in itself can have hard days.

The entire recap of this event will be posted on our Private FB group and will be in a MoB mailer to members.


Heather has an MS in psychology and an MA in counseling psych.  She is trained in trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and is certified Gestalt psychotherapy.  She works as a mental health consultant to help families and individuals understand their options and connect them with appropriate clinicians or programs.  She also presents to groups or organizations on an array of topics such as, suicide, depression, childhood and adolescence.  She is certified in QPR training and present suicide prevention workshops to train individuals who are not mental health professionals to recognize the warning signs of a suicidal crisis and learn skills for appropriate intervention.  She currently serves as the Chairman of the Board at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado's Anshutz Medical Campus.  



Love Yourself Workshop-"Find Your Inner Strength"- February 2017


It's NOT a workOUT but a workIN!

This was a  time to focus on Ourselves and Loving who We are and what We do!  This was a time to give YOURSELF a gift!  A gift of peacefulness and clarity!   The MoB created a special workshop to focus on YOURSELF and the Strength that you have to raise boys!

We are all on this journey of raising boys together.  Most of the time we are racing around taking care of everyone else that we don't give ourselves the time to clear our mind and recharge.  We are all strong and brave but don't necessarily use these traits to help us through the day.  Learn to embrace this and use these characteristics to guide you through your daily challenges of holding down the fort and bringing the family together!  

Our friend and Yogi, Bine Trujillo,  guided us to a place that reset us for the rest of the day.  We learned how to go to a place for more positivity and strength to get us through challenging times.  There are many ways to get to this special place:  finding your inner peace,  meditation, yoga, breathing practices and even a quiet space.  On this day, Bine took us through a special journey and concluded with peaceful mediation.  Each of us were given a handmade beautiful pink stone with "LOVE" etched in it to remind us to love ourselves and each other!

The Myth of Safety: Why Kids Need Grit!~January 2017

We live in a time of unexpected, unimaginable circumstances happening almost daily in our lives.  One of the most important traits as parents is to keep our kids safe and protect them.  But by overprotecting our kids and giving them easy/safe ways to handle situations is only a disservice to them.  We are holding our kids back from learninig the hard way and how they can overcome life challenges. Even with all of these horrific events we still need to teach our kids to have "Grit"!  Research has shown that in order for our kids to thrive and be successful, they need to have grit!  Rick Lawrence took us through this process of how we can instill "Grit" into our kids lives!  

Rick Lawrence is an award winning author, journalist, cultural researcher, business leader and national speaker.  He's been executive editor of GROUP Magazine for 28 years.  He has been interviewed by national publications and media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Rick Lawrence spoke about:

  • The unintended consequences of our obsession with Safety
  • Keys to helping children of all ages overcome challenges
  • Practical ways to hep your kids become stronger

MoBsters and Gangsters 1920's Night of Revelry

We had a night to remember with delicious Speakeasy Fare from Bill Westergard and a Cocktail Station with Bottle Shop 33.  Lamb Sliders, Cheddar Cream Biscuits with Filet Mignon, Savory Chicken Salad in Puff Pastry and Potato Soup filled bellies while we had an interactive  bar where we learned how to create a Bee Knee's, Manhattan, Old Fashioned and The Bootlegger. 1920's music filled Johnson's Joint while Melissa Hirsch snapped wonderful photo booth style shots of everyone in their Gatsby/ Prohibition get ups!  Later, Shaun Dashjian lead the Gangsters and MoBsters on the dance floor teaching all of us the Jitterbug.  What a PARTY!