In the fall of 2009 we decided to reconnect our friendship over lunch. The only glitch was we weren’t able to do it alone. Together, we had 8 boys in tow. We could do little more than beg them to sit, and laugh about the fact that neither of us could get a word in edgewise. And so we began to wonder: Are we alone? Are there other women exactly like us, overwhelmed and outnumbered? In talking, we realized we knew quite a few mothers who had three or more boys and were absolutely as distracted and overwhelmed as we were. And so MoB was born!

As word spread through the city that MoB was the place to come to share your thoughts and learn about what other moms were doing to raise these wonderful people into well adjusted humans, our intimate group of 2 tripled before our very eyes. What we know for sure, now 10 years later, is that moms who are drowning in testosterone want to connect to each other. No question about it!

While we began MoB as a supportive gathering of friends who had exactly the same thing in common, we quickly realized that talking about boys was one thing, learning how to raise them was another. So to special nights out and laughter we added events where real answers to real life questions could be asked and answered. Our educational series now includes a minimum of 6 events a year and features expert speakers on every aspect of raising healthy happy boys.. MoB has made being a mom of boys better than anything we could have ever imagined, and we invite you to join us for the ride. It’ll be fun, funny and extremely worth it.

We look forward to meeting you!
                  Sandi and Eileen