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What Boys Must Know about #MeToo and Campus Affirmative Consent Policies to Navigate Relationships in a Hook-up Culture

This one hour talk is geared for parents of BOYS. 

Katie Koestner will answer all those scary questions you have about the legal ramifications our boys face today with the #METOO movement. Ms. Koestener is a mother of two boys and understands the tricky world we live in. We want you to understand the facts.  

If you don’t know the difference between affirmative consent and effective consent, this presentation is a MUST. 

 Does your son need to have verbal consent for a kiss?  

How does his use of alcohol, study-drugs, or marijuana affect their ability to give effective consent to that kiss?

Should you buy someone a drink, pay for dinner on a date or even compliment someone’s outfit in the current climate?

Katie Koestner will discuss:

~comprehensive review of all facets of sexual misconduct policies, from the definition of incapacitation to what constitutes coercions.  

~learn ways to respond to sexting, from inappropriate photos over Snapchat to airdropped images constituting child pornography on your phone.  

~understand the way criminal, civil and campus courts address these issues, including liability for knowing about an incident, but not reporting what you know.  

~learn the truth behind how social media use, text messages or school-provided email can be used as evidence in a campus hearing?  Does the campus safety app recommended by a college also allow the college to GPS locate you for purposes of being called as a witness in a hearing?

This event will be held in the theatre at Colorado Academy and is open to any parent that has boys. Get educated on the actual laws and policies of schools and college campuses, to create safer environments for everyone.

Katie appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine at age 18 as the first victim of campus date rape and has since been speaking out nationally and publicly about the safety of boys and girls. Katie helped  pass federal campus safety legislation and has worked with over 5000 educational institutions around the world on student safety and sexual misconduct issues.

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