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What Boys Must Know about #MeToo and Campus Affirmative Consent Policies to Navigate Relationships in a Hook-up Culture

Katie Koestner answered many scary questions concerning the legal ramifications our boys face today with our ever changing world. Ms. Koestener is a mother of two boys and understands the tricky world we live in.  

If something serious has happened in your boy world please reach out to Katie and she can give you honest direct information. She will guide you in the right direction.

Katie Koestner

Here are a few notes from Katie’s Talk:

~Boys learn so much from parental relationships. You are modeling communication, affection, admitting mistakes, arguing, boundaries and fun.

~Consent is permission and is needed for every step in a sexual experience. A yes to kissing does not mean a yes to sexual intercourse. Consent can withdrawn at any moment. Silence means NO. Accept rejection, do not try to convince a NO into a YES. A yes 30 minutes prior is not a current yes, need to keep asking.

~The Hookup is the HIGHEST risk activity because the two people do not know each others behaviors and it has the regret syndrome. AVOID AVOID AVOID!

~Use school email for school work. Use private email to communicate with friends and family.

~ Once alcohol is involved DO NOT get intimate.

~Do not buy anyone drinks.

~Average age for for sexual experience for boys and girls is 13 years old.

~Boys should remain neutral if one of their friends is involved in a lawsuit. Do not express any opinion because it could be used against them.

~If a teacher or a coach over hear about inappropriate behavior they have to report it.

3 Jurisdictions that can be involved in a legal issue: Campus, Civil and Criminal

Campus: Any action that occurs on school owned or controlled property and any action that occurs off-campus but has a negative impact on the school environment.

Civil: Disputes between members of society

Criminal: State or Federal law broken



Thank you Colorado Academy for hosting this events with the MoB.It was great to see our friends outside of the MoB who are interested in raising boys. Get educated on the actual laws and policies of schools and college campuses, to create safer environments for everyone.

Katie appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine at age 18 as the first victim of campus date rape and has since been speaking out nationally and publicly about the safety of boys and girls. Katie helped  pass federal campus safety legislation and has worked with over 5000 educational institutions around the world on student safety and sexual misconduct issues.