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Everything You Need to Know About Your Son's Sex Life: But Don't Want to Ask!

Welcome back Auburn Meisner, LMSW, to present to The MoB!  Auburn is a licensed social worker and sex therapist specializing in sex therapy for individuals and relationships. SEX is not an easy topic for parents to talk about with their kids, but Auburn will make this topic a bit easier for us mom's to start to discuss with our boys! We all have so many questions and concerns on what's going on sexually in our sons lives.  Unfortunately, this starts early in our boys years so now is the time to be aware of what's ahead or happening in their lives!  Come prepared with lots of questions.  This is a safe place to ask questions and get advice from Auburn and our own MoB moms who have already gone through some of these painful stages with our sons.  

Auburn will take us through the process of talking to our Boys about Sex:

  • Why we don't ask our son's about their sex life and why we should!
  • How to get comfortable with this talk.  
  • What to actually say. 
  • What to do if there is a sexual concern or problem.
  • Current statistics on the sexual activity and boys.
  • How mothers can have age age-appropriate and comfortable conversations with their boys.