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Chasing 6-Pack Abs: Understanding Body Image Concerns in our Boys & How We Can Help Them Attain Healthy Brains & Bodies

Have you heard comments like these from your boys? 

“I want 6-pack abs like Thor.”

“Coach says I need to drop weight to compete this week.”

“I took like 50 pictures to get this one epic gym pic for my Instagram.”

“We are learning about the war on obesity in school, I have to calculate my BMI for homework.”


Body image is an issue affecting every one of our boys, regardless of their age, size, shape and weight. Each day, our sons internalize an impossible body ideal from seemingly harmless sources:  peers, coaches, social media, advertisements, characters in video games and action movies, school curriculums and even comments from parents and siblings at home. 


Join us on Wednesday, January 16th for a compassionate, honest exploration of the unique body image challenges facing our boys today.  This conversation will be facilitated by therapist Bonnie Brennan, who in addition to being a nationally-recognized body image and eating disorder expert, is also a mother of teenage boys herself.  

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