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The Gift Inside YOU!

Is your day filled with thoughts of “I should do...”, “I shouldn’t have...”, “I need to...”, and high levels of overwhelm?  Do you find yourself worrying about everything from your sons’ well being, to the size of your body, to your growing to do list, to what people think of you?

You are not alone.

You love your boys so deeply and you want the very best for them.  At the same time, you are you convinced that you are not a good enough mother.  That somehow the choices you make and actions you take could negatively affect your  boys. So you try to be everything you can, the best that you can be, and at the end of each day, you are left feeling depleted and less than.  Especially in comparison to the other moms who seem to have it all together.

You are not alone.

Jill Keuth life coach and Mom will guide us through an interactive presentation where we will examine the ways that we stay stuck, and how discovering the gift of who YOU are will be the very thing that empowers you, and allows you greater and more meaningful connections with your boys and those you love.