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The Myth of Safety: Why Kids Need Grit!

We live in a time of unexpected, unimaginable circumstances happening almost daily in our lives.  One of the most important traits as parents is to keep our kids safe and protect them.  But by overprotecting our kids and giving them easy/safe ways to handle situations is only a disservice to them.  We are holding our kids back from learninig the hard way and how they can overcome life challenges. Even with all of these horrific events we still need to teach our kids to have "Grit"!  Research has shown that in order for our kids to thrive and be successful, they need to have grit!  Rick Lawrence will take us through this process of how we can instill "Grit" into our kids lives!  

Rick Lawrence is an award winning author, journalist, cultural researcher, business leader and national speaker.  He's been executive editor of GROUP Magazine for 28 years.  He has been interviewed by national publications and media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Join us to hear Rick Lawrence speak about:

  • The unintended consequences of our obsession with Safety
  • Keys to helping children of all ages overcome challenges
  • Practical ways to hep your kids become stronger