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Sex! It's not just for the Boys!!!

Do you wonder what happened to the sex life you had when you were in your 20's or early 30's? (Or if you've never had a great sex life, are you wondering why not?) Enter Dr. Dianne Stone. She s to us about sex the hows and whys of what makes us tick (or not tick) sexually. She gave us a little self test so that each one of us could discover where the disconnect with our sexual selves might be happening. Dr. Stone talked about menopause and what to look for and do to help feel better.  Then she offered solutions customized to what you identified on your self test. 

There are lots of Resources from Dr. Stone:


Real Sex for Real Women, Laura Berman, PhD, 2011

Reclaiming Desire: Four Keys to Finding Your Lost Libido, Andrew Goldstein, MD & Marian Brandon, PhD 2004



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