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An Evening of Mindfulness, Laughter and Peace

Do you use the word BUSY regularly to describe your life? Does your To-List dictate your day and keep you awake at night? Do you feel lost and not following your passion? Have you lost track of yourself? 

In this fun, practical and grounding workshop you will learn:

• How to reduce your stress and anxiety
• How to have more joy in your life
• How to discover your passion and learn techniques to find it
• To create a vision board
• How to be in the present moment
• About the mind-body connection 

Join Body Talk Practitioner, Tricia Gast, and the Zen Mama, Betsy Henry, for an evening full of teaching, sharing and learning practical techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your life. We’ll also practice Laughter Yoga, Meditation and Hatha Yoga.