MoM's Weekend at the Fraternity

I don't think we are ever really prepared to see our first born on his own.  Dropping Tyler off at college was heart breaking, and the adjustment phase was tortuous for this MoBster.  Nevertheless, I showed up this weekend to hang with his new pledge brothers, watch him in a college lacrosse game for the first time and basically hang like a normal college MoM would.  BUT....I really had no idea what I was doing. I was trying to just go with the flow and enjoy every minute I had with him because  he was incredibly busy the whole weekend. We never had any moments alone! 

So...we enter the Beer Pong Tournament. Oh god, did I just write that?  Yes, We played with the other 59 Frat Boys and their moms. Growing up in a MoB family everything is a competition.  As crazy as the weekend was, and as nervous as I was about this new phase in my boys life.....I survived!!!!!  

Tyler and Eileen Semifinals beer Pong!